Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is this program suited for?
This program brings daily support for establishing rhythm in the home. It is excellent for anyone seeking rhythm in the home. Parents, teachers and care providers of younger children who want to bring more flowing rhythms with songs, stories, verse, create hand made toys for the children, learn to bake and cook wholesome, nutritious foods with the seasons and involve children in the daily work of the household will find plenty of support.

The materials packets contains stories and circle materials for two age groups, the Nursery and the Kindergarten. The Nursery stories and circle material are for the very young child of  2-4 years. The kindergarten age circle and stories for the child 5-7 years, with some stories specific to the older kindergarten child. It also contains stories for festivals and celebrations, most of which are suitable for all ages. 

 For families with children in first, second and third grade, this program offers support for creating a warm and nourishing family home and learning about activities, stories, speech and movement games that are developmentally nourishing for the child.

For families new to Waldorf education this program offers form and an exploration of the reasons for the elements of Waldorf education that are emphasized: warmth, rhythm, protection of the senses, sleep, play, the curriculum based on the development of the child, the inner life of the adult and more.

Is it a curriculum?
Daily life is the curriculum of the young child with cooking and baking, household work, drawing and painting, care of the body and care for others and the environment at its center. That said, I do sketch out a Fairy Tale curriculum with puppetry and activities for the kindergarten child and a Nature Story curriculum for the nursery child, this flows through the year as an inspiration as well as seasonal songs, verse, crafts and activities that flow through the year. So yes, it is a curriculum in realm of Waldorf early childhood which is deeply grounded in daily life, imaginative play, story, painting, coloring and modeling and household activities of baking and cooking.

Is it all I need for kindergarten?
Yes, the kindergarten year guide for year round members is comprehensive and will take you through the year with fairy tales, songs, circles, movement games, activities, artistic, domestic, social and nurturing activities. The Nursery Year provides nature and household stories along with songs, circles, movement games, activities, artistic, domestic, social and nurturing activities that are well suited for the younger child. For a parent of an infant or very young child, the program is said to be a special gift in that it provides support for the mother to find her own rhythm and take up nurturing and artistic activities for herself, that she will eventually bring to her child. It provides a strong foundation for gentle parenting in a rhythmic and creative way.

What does it mean that it is a program?
It is an interactive educational training program, with a series of eCourses to accompany the material with topics such as rhythm, discipline, gratitude, warmth, child development, and more. The eCourses and the Materials each have a forum for questions and group discussion. Participation is voluntary. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. There is a huge amount of material and possibility in each month.

Can I just get the materials?
Yes. Participation in the group is an added benefit, however you are free to opt out of that if you wish. Some members read the discussion material but do not contribute to the discussion, Some members are very vocal one month and quiet the next. I request that all members introduce themselves.

Can I just buy the packets?
I've set this up as an interactive program to make it lively and dynamic for you, to make it a program that involves interaction with others and questioning the material. I am offering the material as an inspiration to you and the program as a process to help you find your own way into the material, into creating a home life or classroom environment. If I were to parcel out the Packets at comparable rates, it would cost well over what I am charging for the whole program. You may get the packets and not join the discussion group. The fee is the same.

Does it include material for the six year old?
Yes, it includes fairy tales, puppetry ideas, wet on wet watercolor painting, beeswax coloring, handwork and activities for the older kindergarten child as well as responses to your questions around the six year change and first grade readiness.

Why does it cost so much, I've never paid more than $25 for an enrichment guide?
You are enrolling in a program that includes the Monthly Guides + an eCourse. My desire is to provide material for information and make it digestible for you, help you put it into action in your life. I provide the "why" foundation and "how" explanation as well as the what.

In addition to talks and the eCourse each month, the program includes Pdf Packet Guides for:
  • Start Up: How to get going 
  • Rhythm 
  • Circle, Song, Story, Fingerplay and Movement games for the Nursery child (3-4) and the Kindergarten child (5-6) 
  • Fairy Tale Curriculum, delivered month by month, through the year
  • Puppetry idea to go along with the stories for each month
  • Meal Plans and Recipes including the kindergarten grains 
  • Handwork tutorial for the adult 
  • Guide putting it all together for you based on a 3 day or 5 day weekly rhythm 
  • Afterschool Enrichment including activities, movement, stories 
  • Circles for the nursery, kindergarten and grade school child (grades 1-3) 
  • Celebrations and Festivals 
  • Explanation of the underlying developmental needs of the child that infuse the Waldorf curriculum 
  • Resources for finding high quality and affordable materials 
  • Ongoing discussion and Consultation through the month or year depending on the type of membership
In addition to the eCourse, you receive eight solid packets of material and a forum in which to discuss it all and have your questions answered.

Year round program members become lifetime members and are welcome back for the life of the program at no charge.

What do I do to start?
  • Sign up here.
  • Fill out the Enrollment form and return it to me.
  • Read the Start Up Guide
  • Join the discussion group and introduce yourself.
  • Ask questions, share your challenges and your joys.
Questions? Send an e-mail to me at lisaboisvert (at) yahoo (dot) com

Members are saying:

"This program changed my life. I was struggling to find rhythm and understand why it matters and what it really looks like in my messy house with active children, you know reality. Lisa's program is so simple and straightforward yet delves into the philosophy of Waldorf education and makes it easy to put into practice. We have rhythm and more time for fun"

"Lisa, your program is such a gift. It is so full of rich sparks of imagination. It helped me bring it all together with my family. It now comes out of me, not a curriculum or guide. Thank you."

" I was like totally skeptical at first, I have done other monthly programs without really making any changes. This one is the best by far. I became a lifetime member after two months. The materials are so good and Lisa goes the extra mile in sharing her amazing wisdom."

" I guess I didn't believe that mealtimes could be harmonious with young children. They are now. Thanks to Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie's Celebrate the Rhythm of Life through the Year. "

"I'm a lifetime member and so grateful for this program. It is so much fun to discover the beautiful new materials each month. The focus work is so helpful. The circles are lovely and I now feel confident doing circle and telling stories with my children  It has brought such depth to my understanding of Waldorf education, mothering and life."